The Bridge

The Bridge
My Photographic Eyes says: Be like a bridge and don't be a rift

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Few days back I participated in Pixellicious Photo Banner Contest.This is my photo banner designed by Pixellicious Photos.Its a great feeling to win.Though participation itself is not less important but its something we all want from bottom of our heart and I am not exception to it.But I believe its not about me ,its the support I got it from you all.....and off course I would like to give credit to Pixellicious Photos which gave us such a platform to prove ourselves.Actually I was shocked and enormously delighted when I checked my mail.I would like to share this with you all ''my blogger family''.

The contest results are finally out. It gives me immense pleasure to announce the four lucky winners of the Pixellicious Banner Space Contest.
  1. Spiderdama
  2. Magiceye
  3. Veredit
  4. Dr. Pratibha
CONGRATS! Magiceye,Spiderdama,Veredit.

Contests like this is motivational factor for bloggers like us.
Now I need a little favour from my co -bloggers that please select one photo from my blog which will be my photo banner  and will remain in display on right hand side of pixellicious photos blog for 180 days.


  1. wow so nice of you all.thanks.............

  2. Hi Veredit ,Welcome to my blog.I visited your blog and believe me you are a fine artist.....I loved your water colour artwork,photographer of unique vision .Great to see you on my blog and heartiest congratulations to you also.

  3. Hi Purba....a great writer I must say.thanks a lot.I really like your way of writing and expressing in a unparalleled way .Keep writing like this and inspiring your followers LIKE ME.

  4. @ADHVAN
    Your photography is out of this world .spreading my wings,yellow bell ...title shows that you are so much into photography.
    Thanks for appreciating me and I am just a begginer and their is so much to learn ....

  5. Hearty congratulations Pratibha. Look forward for many more amazing photos.

  6. Thank you for the wishes and I will try my best sir.