The Bridge

The Bridge
My Photographic Eyes says: Be like a bridge and don't be a rift

Sunday, July 19, 2020


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Life in lockdown is so different
Sometimes its weird and sometimes difficult
The roller coaster ride goes on and on
You can’t jump out of it even if you want
Sometimes you go up and sometimes down
It feels like postpartum depression sometimes
Whether you like it or not you have to deal with it
Life sometimes comes with no choice
Mask is hiding the real me when I go out
Mask is also a rescue to hide your expressions
when you want to hide it

Because of lockdown
Now I know more about myself
I am getting time to introspect myself
I know how I feel and why I feel in a certain way
I respect myself even more than before
I am becoming forgiving to myself
I have been hard with me
I pushed till I couldn’t push and than I realized why I am doing it
What I want to prove
to myself or to the world

So many people died different death
Relationship changed overnight
A very tiny virus moved the life upside down
And we have been trying to be the powerful all this while
It was very much needed hard hitting kick for all of us
To see where we are and why we are in this situation
People who are mindful are going very well in this phase
The false pride has no place
The big goons died petty death
Some are lost as they could not hold themselves
Life is a roller coaster ride
We like it or not but we have to take that ride.
Somewhere I feel it was needed for the environment
and for the air we are breathing
Animals are moving freely on street
we the human are caged in homes

We call it lockdown
Actually we are locked within and exploring without traveling to the
The peace we were looking for in different places
We never knew it was all inside
I will keep going on as it’s lockdown
Pouring the thoughts which were locked inside for long.
After a very long time I am writing today for 
 #LockdownTales #BlogATon59.  

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Falling for Fall

Falling for fall
 Nature at its best
Mesmerizing views
Breathtaking ambience
Can't get better than this

Every leaf, every color has its own story to tell
Like us , they are unique with its color, texture, patterns 
Autumn is awesome
Feeling breeze of air through the trees
Leaves are falling down
Leaves from the same tree  could have different fate
Some are peaceful white,
 a few are pale lifeless,
the others blushing red,
some are enjoying life after death

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dream Through Distance

Dream through distance
I want to come closer to you
you mesmerized me with your charm
I want to hold you
I want to hold my breathe
do not want to blink my eyes
I have fear to lose your sight.
O! dream through distance
i want to chase you every day every night.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kiah's Magical Wand

Hi Bloggers,

I am Kyra's friend Kiah and like her I love to travel,listen music.Earlier I used to sit at home or wrap cloth around my face to prevent sun burn and tanning but now I have a magic wand-Lakmé Sun Expert now allows me to be bitten by wanderlust and have all the outdoor fun you want whilst staying sun protected. Kyra is like a fairy [who gave a magic wand to me] gifted me this on my Birthday when I actually needed it , shared her experience with me and now I am sharing this with you all.

Lakme 's Sun Expert
prevent me from sun and dirt
earlier my skin was hurt
but now
it feels blessed

sun stopped me to wander around
to enjoy my days
disturbed the breeze of music
shattered my ways to spend my days

Kyra brought a magic wand
in her hand
which inspired me
to enjoy summer's sun

everybody loves winter's sun
but now i can say
i love summer's sun too
my skin looks younger
and fresh
even in the summers

in the tanned crowd
i am a reason for other's envy
I am Kiah -today's girl
a girl with revolutionary thought
a girl with beautiful skin
a girl who cares
a girl who believe in her belief
a girl who is so different
but every girl wants be like her
she is an inspiration
she is the change
she says:

be the change -accept it
live the change -adjust it
if you cannot change
then change the world-change it

This summer is holding a veil of protection from sun-just wrap Lakme Sun Expert on your face and exposed parts.
let it do the magic for you.

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Thanks !

with regards,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Journey Of Dream-Niagra Falls

I have seen paradise and I can never forget those places I visited 4 years back; though the time has changed but my memories associated with that trip never faded away.

I used to dream myself in clouds and I actually felt this in reality when I was in Niagra Falls.

In the middle of my dream I opened my eyes
oh! where am I?
The place I had imagined
throughout my childhood
Mist falling on my eyes
touching me to relax
breathing in this air
inhaling the most precious moments
capturing everthing in my eyes
storing it in hypothalamus
I want to pause the button of fast moving life
let the time stop here

Mist or snow I am still confused
but whatever it was was just amazing
I  am just short of words
converting into words
isn't easy though
that fall was just flowing
like a  music

Time to go back to reality and crossing the bridge of dream .It was so difficult to go back to reality when you are in sweet dream.And then I opened my eyes and here I am writing my experience beyond any purpose beyond the reality.

that was my story and I know you have an interesting story too so share it on

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chicago Bridge

I love bridges because it connects and make ways for people to connect from opposit side.We must learn from bridges thats what I feel about these bridges.