The Bridge

The Bridge
My Photographic Eyes says: Be like a bridge and don't be a rift

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Journey Of Dream-Niagra Falls

I have seen paradise and I can never forget those places I visited 4 years back; though the time has changed but my memories associated with that trip never faded away.

I used to dream myself in clouds and I actually felt this in reality when I was in Niagra Falls.

In the middle of my dream I opened my eyes
oh! where am I?
The place I had imagined
throughout my childhood
Mist falling on my eyes
touching me to relax
breathing in this air
inhaling the most precious moments
capturing everthing in my eyes
storing it in hypothalamus
I want to pause the button of fast moving life
let the time stop here

Mist or snow I am still confused
but whatever it was was just amazing
I  am just short of words
converting into words
isn't easy though
that fall was just flowing
like a  music

Time to go back to reality and crossing the bridge of dream .It was so difficult to go back to reality when you are in sweet dream.And then I opened my eyes and here I am writing my experience beyond any purpose beyond the reality.

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  1. I can relate to your feel of the misty splash on face! A place that i am yet to visit.. :)

  2. I was there.. did you manage to visit from the Canadian side ? Its got lot more attractions.. and also did you visit the State park on the US side ? Good one.. post more pics.. if you have, like the Maid of the Mist.. !! That was something unforgettable..

  3. @Dubugo-I visited their from US and not from Canadian side but I heard a lot about the Canadian side.Hope I will visit it again but from Canadian side.Well my blog is inspired by those photos and I posted those pictures earlier.
    thanks for your time and sharing your thoughts on it.

  4. I live 40 minutes from Niagara Falls. It is amazing every time I go too.

  5. Niagara its a beauty... every time I think of my visit to the falls I only relive those moments... the experience was so amazing that it will always be fresh in my memory.

  6. @Pinky-same way I feel.

    @Rajesh-thanks a lot.

  7. I can't write anything coz i felt the moments there Niagra at such places i just become speechless just love to experience the God in the form of nature. Your pics and words have given that experience now. Thanks and voted too.

  8. Absolutely beautiful... Never been there, looks fabulous...
    "Mist or snow I am still confused
    but whatever it was was just amazing"
    Sometimes beauty has that effect on us :)

  9. @Dr.Pratibha ji, Lively pictorial presentation.
    never been to the falls, but now God willing, will surely go. But can always dream.

  10. Dr.pratibhaji, your cleartrip link should take to cleartrip your trip page, correct the mistake.

  11. Wonderful description!!
    I wish I could be there..

  12. your waterfall shot is amazing. Wonder where from you captured that image of, what looks a torrential fall of snow cubes.

  13. Thanks for wonderful comments.Glad you people like it.
    @Pramod ji -I posted my link and thanks for informing me.

  14. Truly one of the most amazing natural attraction in the world. The power of the waterfalls as they thunder into the lake below is absolutely staggering.

  15. @nothing Pround-completely agree with you.

  16. wow ... what a treat to eyes and thoughts as wel .. felt as if i m already there .. :)

  17. The Canadian side is much superior to the American one.

    I visited both and like the Canadian site much better.

  18. beautiful photography.dream is always dream.