The Bridge

The Bridge
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kiah's Magical Wand

Hi Bloggers,

I am Kyra's friend Kiah and like her I love to travel,listen music.Earlier I used to sit at home or wrap cloth around my face to prevent sun burn and tanning but now I have a magic wand-Lakmé Sun Expert now allows me to be bitten by wanderlust and have all the outdoor fun you want whilst staying sun protected. Kyra is like a fairy [who gave a magic wand to me] gifted me this on my Birthday when I actually needed it , shared her experience with me and now I am sharing this with you all.

Lakme 's Sun Expert
prevent me from sun and dirt
earlier my skin was hurt
but now
it feels blessed

sun stopped me to wander around
to enjoy my days
disturbed the breeze of music
shattered my ways to spend my days

Kyra brought a magic wand
in her hand
which inspired me
to enjoy summer's sun

everybody loves winter's sun
but now i can say
i love summer's sun too
my skin looks younger
and fresh
even in the summers

in the tanned crowd
i am a reason for other's envy
I am Kiah -today's girl
a girl with revolutionary thought
a girl with beautiful skin
a girl who cares
a girl who believe in her belief
a girl who is so different
but every girl wants be like her
she is an inspiration
she is the change
she says:

be the change -accept it
live the change -adjust it
if you cannot change
then change the world-change it

This summer is holding a veil of protection from sun-just wrap Lakme Sun Expert on your face and exposed parts.
let it do the magic for you.

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Thanks !

with regards,