The Bridge

The Bridge
My Photographic Eyes says: Be like a bridge and don't be a rift

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lesson Of Life

I would like to share this lesson of life from my own painting.Two friends looking in same direction but with different perspective.We all are blessed with different and our own ways of looking,feeling,expressing...... things because we are different individual.Accept people as they are and respect them the way they are or else get yourself entrapped in unending conflicts.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Flower in red dress

Flowers  speaks for themselves and expresses  their own ways Who are we to give adjective to such a beauty?I can't humiliate them ...........Can you?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Poetry In Colour

Different shades of life as trees painted with different shades.
The path waiting for passerby,
sky try to sanctify,
lonesome tree,
lone hutch
on a
piece of paper
try to create wonders,
dipped in colours, nature surrender;
on mercy of colours but encaged in a paper and one who paint it

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My dream painting

I painted this one when I was in eighth class.I have been a great artist since I was in 1st class .I achieved so much since I was in1st class till tenth class.I have been first throughout my school life.Those were my dreams which I wanted to share with the world .I believed in me now its the time for the people to believe my talent.I don't want to die with this embeded  treasure instead I want to fill the air with art ,paint this world with my colours and frame it with my own words.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love Is All Around

Love is eternal like Taj Mahal,
love is dew on fresh green leaves,
love can be seen with eyes closed.
love is rain in sunlight.
Love is not always at first sight;
but it flight
aimlessly high.
Raise in love instead of falling in love.
Love is the foundation of taj mahal.

Love is a feel of free fall,
a fearlessly free soul.
Love add colours to the nature,
love is spice in food.
Love wants pampering and self love.
Love makes you feel beautiful;
love is beyond wrinkles.
Love is all round.

Love is music to ears;
love is raindrops on face;
love is song on lips;
love is reason to dream;
love have consistency of honey.

Love is everywhere;
from river to mountain ,
from garden to fountain ,
from dawn to dusk;
if not it is lust.

Feel love the way you never felt it.
Smell it as if you never smelt it.
Hear it as if you never heard it.
See it as if you never saw it
Express it as if you never expressed it.

Create history of love,
as if never created earlier.
Be Shah Jahan to your Mumtaz Mahal;
dedicate her a gift as Taj Mahal.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Health Conscious Giraffe

A view of giraffe through camera lens getting Vitamin –D to strengthen his bones.

Giraffe –I think now I have got enough dose of Vitamin-D let me flaunt in front of my friends .You can click my picture later on. Don’t you see I am busy here. Bye this time will see you next time

Monday, September 6, 2010

Beauty Personified Buildings In Chicago

These beauty personified Chicago building were clicked by me from the boat in Navy Pier.It felt great while surrounded by architecturally ornamented buildings.Those graceful buildings were saluting us and welcoming us with arms open .Totally mesmerized by the charm of those buildings.

A Way To Serenity

This picture was taken by me in St louis .I want to share my perception layering on this picture with you all.
to me this picture speaks
calmness rare to find;
something beyond peace;
beyond dream;
with hope 
living more,
breathe more
this air of 
left all 
filled with dew 
of eternity
a way to serenity.

Unspoken words in St .Louis

This was clicked by me in St. Louis  .
Unspoken words from my baby :Looking from my pram an imaginary realm of marvels...thanks mommy to show me the promised land.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Few days back I participated in Pixellicious Photo Banner Contest.This is my photo banner designed by Pixellicious Photos.Its a great feeling to win.Though participation itself is not less important but its something we all want from bottom of our heart and I am not exception to it.But I believe its not about me ,its the support I got it from you all.....and off course I would like to give credit to Pixellicious Photos which gave us such a platform to prove ourselves.Actually I was shocked and enormously delighted when I checked my mail.I would like to share this with you all ''my blogger family''.

The contest results are finally out. It gives me immense pleasure to announce the four lucky winners of the Pixellicious Banner Space Contest.
  1. Spiderdama
  2. Magiceye
  3. Veredit
  4. Dr. Pratibha
CONGRATS! Magiceye,Spiderdama,Veredit.

Contests like this is motivational factor for bloggers like us.
Now I need a little favour from my co -bloggers that please select one photo from my blog which will be my photo banner  and will remain in display on right hand side of pixellicious photos blog for 180 days.