The Bridge

The Bridge
My Photographic Eyes says: Be like a bridge and don't be a rift

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lets Go To Mc Donald

The trend has changed ; today's kids prefer to go and eat in Mc Donald and the explanation they will give you is'' mom,daily we eat whatever you cook but today lets go to Mc Donald as I am bored of home food.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NEON lights in Common Wealth Games

NEON lights in Common Wealth Games

Floor far-flunged with mishmashed rangoli and sky filled with dazzling  neon lights created history,something WE [INDIANS] can never forget and it left an impact and raised standards for common wealth games .

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Atlantic Ocean

ATLANTIC OCEAN-showing mood swings

Ocean you touched my feet,
tickled my feet and then kissed my feet.
But next moment you pulled the sand beneath me.
You forced me to fall down;
Is it your mood swing?
O ocean you are so unpredictable.

Once you loved me ,waving around me;
now you are trying hard to engulf me.
What is troubling you?
I never did anything to you.
O 'ocean if you angry with my race;
for manipulating nature including you,
then I am sorry O 'ocean.

You showered your love,
you fuddled me into captivation,
you made me felt the sense of harmonious relations.
Your sudden rage ,
left me thwarted.

O ' ocean you taught me to endure with courage,
but why you left me unfrequented.
I was searching peace in you rhythmic waves,
you left me in isolated cave.
Love me again the way you loved me before;
I will try not to hurt you hence forth.