The Bridge

The Bridge
My Photographic Eyes says: Be like a bridge and don't be a rift

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love Is All Around

Love is eternal like Taj Mahal,
love is dew on fresh green leaves,
love can be seen with eyes closed.
love is rain in sunlight.
Love is not always at first sight;
but it flight
aimlessly high.
Raise in love instead of falling in love.
Love is the foundation of taj mahal.

Love is a feel of free fall,
a fearlessly free soul.
Love add colours to the nature,
love is spice in food.
Love wants pampering and self love.
Love makes you feel beautiful;
love is beyond wrinkles.
Love is all round.

Love is music to ears;
love is raindrops on face;
love is song on lips;
love is reason to dream;
love have consistency of honey.

Love is everywhere;
from river to mountain ,
from garden to fountain ,
from dawn to dusk;
if not it is lust.

Feel love the way you never felt it.
Smell it as if you never smelt it.
Hear it as if you never heard it.
See it as if you never saw it
Express it as if you never expressed it.

Create history of love,
as if never created earlier.
Be Shah Jahan to your Mumtaz Mahal;
dedicate her a gift as Taj Mahal.


  1. Beautiful composition, i would say Well Done..!!
    Really "Love Is All Around"..

    Best Regards..

  2. has a lovely lilt to it!!

  3. @Gautam and magiceye-its great to hear such words of inspiration.thanks.

  4. I loved your poem though I don't love Taj Mahal much...
    for some reason that monument stands for atrocity for me. Sigh!

  5. Love is all that is beautiful!
    Love is what makes this world livable!
    Love is Eternal!
    Love is Pristine!
    Love is God's Pratibha!

    Your poem was so inspiring Pratibha that I couldn't help adding these few lines! Well done.

  6. @Nalini Mam-thanks for the sweet word.

    @Farila Mam-I am so excited and obliged to you for loving my poem .

  7. @Saras Sir-Sir awesome poetry and I feel so little in front of talented people like you.Thanks for inspiring me.

  8. Simplicity of the language and the imagery it creates...Very beautiful.