The Bridge

The Bridge
My Photographic Eyes says: Be like a bridge and don't be a rift

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mother EARTH

I am mother EARTH,
gave you birth.

Don't kill me,exploit me,
hurt me.
By cutting trees,
you are cutting my fingers.
Don't forget I taught you how to linger.

Pollution is making my blood black,
My body is about to slack.

You destroyed my mountain,
to make your ways.
To me , you are fake.

Making airport underwater,
like cutting my throat.
To you it might be an achievement,
to me it is displacement.

You gave me scars all over,
I have been crying so far, but you never bother.

See I am dying.......
My birds stop flying,
my fishes are incapacitated,
nature feels precipitated.

expressed my belligerence.

I am suffocated with pain.
My humility,blazon out,
getting me delirious.

It never affected you,
but I am.
After all I am your mother,
you creeper.

I am loosing myself,
I gulp.
You squeezed all my pulp.
You wounded me,
you slaughterer.

Don't you know?
If I die,
You neither will be alive.

Save me for yourself either,
you filthy creature.