The Bridge

The Bridge
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Celebrations In History

Celebrations In History

India-the culturally,traditionally enriched country celebrates festivals in colorful ways.We INDIANS shared all festivals on one stage-COMMON WEALTH GAMES


Those were days which coloured the pages of history:
common wealth games depicted the real India

Underestimated status weared splendid attire;
forgetting the controversies celebrated the huge colour play.

Big balloon spoke the volume;
floral carpet created by flag colors.

Some experiences drag you to euphony;
patriotism was running and bursting the veins.

Heart beat were dancing with the rhythm of jai ho;
thrilled from head to toe.

Jolted into the celebration;
excitement taking spa in the spirit of proud.

This diwali reminds me the million firing and lighting shooting the sky,
eyes were never so pleased .

Gold taken by athletes added the feeling of self pride as Indian;
now can raise our heads off the chest.

Salute to those athletes those won with their will to win;
salute to that blood that cannot be measured with any barometer.

Celebrate diwali with that notion;
we are not less than anyone.


  1. The photos of the celebrations are very impressive. Lovely words to go along with them.

  2. Very ordinary event (coz everybody knows abt it, not otherwise), but beautifully expressed... you indeed have a different view ;)

  3. and yeah! Very truly said about us:

    "Celebrate diwali with that notion;
    we are not less than anyone." Super!

  4. thanks rajesh,arpana,magiceye,LisaF AND PURPLE HEART for the huge appreciation.