The Bridge

The Bridge
My Photographic Eyes says: Be like a bridge and don't be a rift

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This overloaded truck is creating BLACK HUMOUR here.This overloaded truck is like a king of road where all the vehicle wants to keep distance from it  as who knows who will be the victim and who knows if this truck will shower loads from it on others.
On the other hand ,what an irony?
Only WE are the generous people who can bear with these overburdened vehicles.Look at this truck -it wants to say something ,hear it carefully as if it is saying that PLEASE have mercy on me ;I am just a poor truck and not a common man so spare me.I CAN'T TAKE SOMETHING BEYOND MY CAPACITY,I AM NOT THAT GREAT AS YOU PEOPLE ARE ,BEARING WITH A SYSTEM OF QUESTIONABLE LAW AND ORDER FORGET ABOUT THE ROAD TRAFFIC SYSTEM.

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